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Penn Avenue Reconditioning: Tight Site & Telecom


By Daniel Zienty, PCS, Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.

Presented at SSPC 2017; Session: Wastewater Coating Challenges and Solutions; Session chair: Doni Riddle

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As a central source for water distribution, emergency services, and communications transmission, the Penn Avenue Tower represents a focal point of the community. The 1,500,000 gallon water tower is a multi-column elevated style tank located in a residential and commercial business area on shared property with the City's No. 2 Fire Station. An engineer evaluation identified complete replacement and maintenance repair of exterior and interior coating systems respectively along with accessory modifications. The size and scope of the project was complex, as was maintaining City operations and telecommunication services for the duration of the project. With minimal space for both contractor mobilization, including a full-containment structure, and temporary equipment to keep telecommunication services operating, the project was further impacted by the tower's proximity to Penn Avenue. This required County coordination with respect to traffic control measures, and the local power company with respect to overhead lines. Finally, project planning required measures to be implemented to allow continual access for Fire Station No. 2.

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