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Development of Materials and Process Metrics for High Performance Abrasive Blast Surface Preparation


By Robert Kogler, PCS, Rampart, LLC and Laura Erickson, Rampart, LLC

Presented at SSPC 2016; Session: Protecting Ships and Marine Structures, Part I ; Session chair: Mark Schultz

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In general, improper or inadequate surface preparation is known to be a major contributor to real world coatings failures. The Naval Research Laboratory is examining how to specify surface preparation details to a level necessary to achieve desired quality and consistency of performance demanded by current fleet coatings applications. This goal of this parametric study is to relate blasting parameters to the resultant surface preparation, characterized beyond current crude visual and one-dimensional profile standards to include parameters such as surface peak height density and profile height.

The output of this study will be to provide data to characterize the impact of variables associated with abrasive blasting materials and process control parameters on the resultant surface morphology, as well as relate coating performance in order to justify that coating performance is directly attributable to surface profile details.

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