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Benefits Exhibited by Styrene Free Coating Technology


By Mike Durbin, The Sherwin-Williams Company and Razi Anwer , The Sherwin-Williams Company

Presented at SSPC 2016; Session: Power; Session chair: Charles Brown

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Styrenated unsaturated polyester & vinyl ester technology is accepted for usage in chemical immersion tank linings. The primary advantage is the increased chemical resistance to harsh commodities and fast turn around time compared to epoxy technology. However, styrene is becoming heavily regulated due to its safety and health concerns. In addition, styrene has a pungent odor and contributes to the significant shrinkage these coatings experience in the wet film.

Styrenated coatings often use wax in the top coat to acquire a tack free surface as well, but this presents a problem when trying to recoat. Styrene free technology can resolve these concerns while maintaining similar performance. However, not all styrene free technology is created similar and by varying the composition can lead to some unique properties. This report will outline a novel styrene free coating technology that resolves the issues obtained from styrene that can be used in a variety of markets specifically focusing on flue gas desulfurization applications.

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