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Translational Corrosion Science in Action


By Daniel Dunmire, Department of Defense/LMI

Presented at SSPC 2016; Session: Defending Against Corrosion in the Military; Session chair: Earl Bowry

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Translational Corrosion Science, the subject of the SSPC 2015 presentation by the Department of Defense (DoD) Corrosion Prevention and Control Program, is a science-based process to accelerate the development and application of high-quality solutions to difficult material degradation problems, and to do so more economically. The DoD has launched the translational corrosion science program, assisted by the National Defense University and Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, to fully develop the process concept and to implement the approach. In parallel with the development of this ground-breaking initiative, the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, in collaboration with Georgetown University and the Army, Navy and Air Force Research Laboratories, will conduct research into the causes and impact of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) of textiles in the triple canopy, moist and humid, tropical environment.

The MIC research will be performed using translational corrosion science, and will serve as a "proof of concept" for that process. Thus, process development and implementation will be inextricably linked with proof of concept. This presentation will briefly review the translational corrosion science objectives, the process to achieve these objectives, and the temporal and economic benefits to the material sustainment industry. It will document the development of the translational corrosion science approach and current progress. It will also describe the MIC research and development process and report results to date. Finally, it will detail the interaction between the translational corrosion science development process and the MIC proof of concept project.

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