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Trends in Tank Lining Test Methodology for Oil and Gas Service


By Michael Harrison, Hempel A/S

Presented at SSPC 2016; Session: Oil & Gas, Part I ; Session chair: Doni Riddle

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There are continuing changes within the Oil and Gas Market with examples as follows:
1. Higher temperature storage due as alternative sources of crude oil are established
2. Greater use of mobile processing plants as Shale Oil resources are explored
3. Alternative means of transport of oil are being used where oil is being extracted in more remote locations where there are no pipelines in place
4. Environmental pressures are putting greater emphasis on linings to help prevent emissions and leakages (without themselves having a negative impact)
5. There is an increasing use of Bio (and Bio modified) fuels globally and linings need to be suitable for these and also to meet future trends. This presentation is intended to review the new test methodology which has been developed/modified to demonstrate the performance of the new generation of Versatile Linings designed to meet these increasing demands. This will involve a review of the protocols available and how these need to be modified to reflect the changes in the linings market in the 21st century and beyond including but not limited to:

1. ISO2812 isothermal immersion testing
2. NACE TM0174 – Atlas Cell testing
3. NACE TM0174 – Pressurized Atlas Cell
4. NACE TM 0185 – Autoclave Testing
5. Physical testing
a. Adhesion
b. Flexibility
c. Crack resistance
d. Impact testing
e. Abrasion testing
A discussion on how all of these methods together can be used to demonstrate the lining performance.

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