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Paint System Performance Warranty


By Shameem A. Khan, Maryland State Highway Administration

Presented at SSPC 2015; Session: Bridge Painting and Protection; Session chair: Mark Hudson, The Sherwin-Williams Company

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The Maryland State Highway Administration routinely advertises cleaning and painting contracts, which include a Paint System Performance Warranty. The State Highway Administration believes that implementation of warranty contracting procedures have the potential to provide improved performance while minimizing State Highway Administration’s construction engineering concerns and providing protection from early coating failures.

Bridge No. 0312400 carrying I-695 over US 40 was selected first for this program in 1997. This bridge built in 1958 and widened in 1964 consists of four simple spans (34’, 82’, 82’, 40’) for a total of 238 ft. long X 123 ft wide, and consists 22 rolled beams. This bridge represents a typical bridge carrying the Baltimore Beltway over a major route where maintenance of traffic is the major concern. The other reason was that it was a good candidate for overcoating is due to minimum surface preparation, and it’s location nearby where we can easily monitor and evaluate.

Contractor’s qualifications, experience, warranty criteria, including period of warranty, insurances, and warranty performance bond, were established.The contract requires the contractors to provide to the Administration a written warranty for a period of 5 years (plus additional years as appropriate up to 10 years). The warranty includes all materials, labor, equipment, tools and maintenance of traffic costs. The contractor shall unconditionally warrant to the Administration the paint system applied to the bridge to be free of defects defined and determined by visual inspection and paint thickness measurements. The warranty period starts from the date of acceptance by the Administration of the completion of the construction phase of the project. The cleaning and painting was performed by a Low Bid Contractor. The findings gathered in this study are the result of five years of service with annual inspections. The findings were submitted to Federal Highway Administration’s Innovative Bridge Research and Construction Program.

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