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Rehabilitation of National Water Storage Landmark


By Michael Doolittle, Tank Industry Consultants

Presented at SSPC 2012; Session: Maintenance Painting - The Fountain of Youth for Structures; Session chair: Steven Reinstadler

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In 1980, noted muralist Mr. Peter Freudenberg put the finishing touches on one of the most unique water storage structures in the United States, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s Earthoid on the campus of Montgomery College in Germantown, Maryland. The structure, painted to resemble the astronauts’ bird’s eye view of the earth, is not only a fully functional 2,000,000-gallon water storage tank, but also a civic landmark for area residents. The structure was heralded as a groundbreaking project in the water storage, protective coatings, and steel plate structures industries.

For 31 years, the tank has greeted motorists traveling along Interstate 270 and Route 118 as it appears above the trees on the horizon. After years of excellent service life, the coating on the tank exterior is in need of rehabilitation.

After much discussion and media attention, plans are underway for the refurbishment of the tank, to include repainting the tank to again resemble a globe. The original muralist has retired and Mr. Eric Henn has been commissioned to recreate the landmark.

This presentation will take the audience through this unique re-painting project from the perspective of the original design engineer and the engineers responsible for periodic coating evaluations during the service life of the existing coatings, and the design of the new coating system. Included with be photographs and commentary on the actual re-painting project scheduled to take place in June, July, and August of 2011.

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