Advanced Polymer Coatings, Avon, Ohio, USA, is a leader in specialty coatings for high-performance applications, protecting against corrosion and chemical attack, and providing safe storage and transport of chemicals whether on land or sea.

For the industrial coatings industry, APC formulated the ChemLine® brand of coatings to provide unique high-performance coatings that are 97- to 100-percent solids with extremely low VOCs. ChemLine® is formulated on a crosslinked organic-inorganic polymer that significantly improves anti-corrosion resistance. Following application, ChemLine® is heat cured which results in a crosslinking of the polymers into a tightly knit dense structure. ChemLine® resists 98 percent of all corrosive acids, alkalis, solvents and gasses at various temperatures.

ChemLine® serves a range of markets including: transport equipment; chemical processing facilities, petroleum production and refining; tank storage farms; power plants; and secondary containment and concrete areas.

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