EDCO - Equipment Development Co. Inc.



EDCO – Equipment Development Company has always created long-lasting equipment that solves many problems.

In 1959 EDCO began as a manufacturing arm of Rental Tools & Equipment outside Washington, DC. EDCO founders Leo Swan and Ed Harding were employees of RT&E, and discovered the biggest issue their rental customers commonly had – leveling concrete floors. At that time, the only ways to level and smooth concrete surfaces were limited to one’s hands or crudely modified buffing machines. To help their customers, Leo, Ed and RT&E owner John Doran, created the modern-day concrete floor grinder. Eventually, with this grinder as their cornerstone, Leo and Ed founded EDCO; a manufacturer of “Rental-Tough” products.

EDCO Grinders have evolved since 1959, but EDCO Magna-Trap® Grinders have always kept the same principals – long-lasting equipment that solves many problems.


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