CHLOR*RID International Inc.



CHLOR*RID International, Inc. manufactures surface decontamination and passivation products, along with a full line of salt testing kits, and provides the technical support to maximize their effectiveness.

CHLOR*RID provides the most advanced line of products for soluble salt detection, removal and prevention of flash rust. Field testing for corrosive salts on surfaces, in abrasives, soils and concrete has never been easier than with our CHLOR*TEST kits, featuring the CHLOR*TEST CSN, for immediate and accurate readings for surface chlorides, sulfates and nitrates!

And as always, to reduce contamination, there is no other product that removes bonded salts like patented CHLOR*RID liquid soluble salt remover. Besides being easy to use, CHLOR*RID is completely biodegradable, non-hazardous, and an economical way to ensure the longevity of applied surface coatings.

To prevent flash rust, rely on HOLD*BLAST surface passivator — the name says it all! Hold that Blast!