GMA Garnet (USA) is the leading provider of industrial garnet abrasive for the surface preparation and waterjet cutting industries in USA for the past 10 years.

We offer a full range of garnet abrasives for any surface preparation requirement, from removing exceptionally tough coatings and heavy rust to polishing glass and cleaning delicate surfaces.

Our newly engineered range of garnet abrasives provides unmatched performance over conventional abrasives. They remove tough coatings faster, while creating a higher surface profile range, as compared to most slags and other similar types of abrasives.

GMA GarnetTM is approved by major paint manufacturers and preferred by oil & gas companies for fabricating and maintaining of on-shore and off-short structures. Other applications include cleaning of ship hulls, tanks, pipelines, pressure vessels as well as light and heavy industrial maintenance.

Our warehouses are located in major cities and industrial areas in North America and Canada. Therefore, you can be assured of constant supply at the shortest delivery time and with minimum disruptions to your project.

In addition, we offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for our customers to dispose of their used garnet at our U.S. recycling facilities.