Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications. When the Minneapolis-based company began investigating the blasting market, the equipment seemed a perfect fit with Graco’s history of moving, measuring, mixing, controlling, dispensing and spraying a wide variety of materials. After carefully researching the pros and cons of both dry blasting and methods of wet abrasive blasting, Graco launched the EcoQuip 2 vapor abrasive blasting system.

The vapor abrasive blasting method gives the operator more control over the water-abrasive mixture, which often results in a reduced amount of media expended. Not only does it use far less water than wet abrasive blasting methods -- approximately 0.5 to 1 quart of water per minute -- the EcoQuip 2 reduces dust by up to 92 percent over traditional dry blasting, resulting in less containment and clean-up.

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