KTA-Tator, Inc. - Corporate Office



KTA provides facility owners, architects/engineers, contractors, fabricators, and manufacturers peace of mind that the integrity of steel and concrete structures and other assets are properly assessed and protected. KTA provides professional consultation and support during any phase of a project – design, construction, post-construction, or maintenance.

KTA’s specialties include coatings and corrosion engineering and inspection; steel and concrete fabrication inspection; field and laboratory coatings failure analysis; environmental, health and safety consulting; and contract administration for maintenance and construction activities. KTA also distributes a complete line of the field inspection instrumentation needed to support corrosion protection projects, and provides a number of specialized quality assurance/quality control, and workplace safety training courses.

KTA’s diverse service offerings derive from a core competency in quality management. KTA applies its quality management skills across a wide spectrum of architectural, commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Regardless of the area of practice, KTA works with clients to develop and implement state-of-the-art quality management processes for construction, fabrication and rehabilitation projects, and for ongoing confirmation that processes and installed materials continue to perform as planned. And if materials do not perform as designed, KTA can diagnose the problems and provide recommendations for remediation and quality process improvements.