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Soluble Salts: Today's Solution to an Old Problem

Originally Presented: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Whether you are a contractor, steel fabricator, engineer or asset owner, the phrase “do it right the first time” is the best and only option.  To go back and redo a step in any process, but specifically corrosion control is not only time consuming, but costs money, wrecks budgets, and ruins reputations.  This presentation has been designed to shed light on an aspect of corrosion control, surface preparation which is the foundation of any good coatings job.  If the surface is not prepared correctly, failure of the coating system is a real possibility.  One of the “bad actors” in surface preparation is soluble salts.  As you will find in this webinar, they are everywhere and need to be removed before applying a coating.  It is not difficult to do that and today’s technology has developed to make the process of soluble salt removal much easier.  Come visit our webinar and prepare yourself to “do it right the first time”.

Ken Rossy

Ken Rossy is a 29-year veteran in the corrosion control industry with experience specifying, selling and assisting with application of coating and paint systems in the industrial market and specifically in the petrochemical, refining, marine, food and transportation sectors. He has sold coatings, tape systems, fireproofing, insulation coatings, surface preparation products and coating related equipment. Rossy has sold these products as a manufacturer's representative, distributor and as a direct employee. Additionally, Rossy has managed a coatings application company. Currently, Rossy is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HoldTight Solutions and serves on the Board of Directors for the Houston Coating Society. He is a member of NACE, SSPC and a Level 1 Certified CIP Inspector. Rossy holds a BBA in business from Baylor University and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.


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