PaintSquare Connect 2020 |

Protective & Marine Keynote

Procurement: The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Paint Job

Originally Presented: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Every paint job in the history of the world has started with an idea—whether it involves making something beautiful, repairing something that has corroded, or maintaining the purity of a stored product (such as liquid sugar in a tank). As coating professionals, it is our job to make sure these ideas are viable from the start. We will review a case study where we were the lead consultant in the matter of a 96-foot-diameter x 31-foot-tall anaerobic digester tank. The interior coating had been in place, unobserved, for a little over 20 years. Learn what it took to access the tank for inspection and why we advised the client to leave the coating in place. We will also briefly review a second situation which led to a substantial coating failure of a concrete trench where a simple email chain and failure in procurement led to disaster.


Warren Brand

Warren Brand has owned an industrial tank lining company and has successfully participated in thousands of corrosion mitigation projects. He founded Chicago Coatings Group (now Chicago Corrosion Group) after recognizing a need for vendor-neutral, unbiased and highly technical consulting to help owners make optimal decisions about corrosion mitigation solutions and material choices. He is a NACE Level 3 Peer-Reviewed Coating Inspector and an SSPC Protective Coating Specialist. He holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and an MBA in entrepreneurship. He is a frequent blogger and Associate Editor for PaintSquare and writes for Corrosionpedia. Warren also owns Engineered Corrosion Solutions, a Midwest technical conference on corrosion.



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