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Introducing Mortarchem: The Next Generation of Cementitious Epoxy Mortar

Originally Presented: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Cementitious epoxy mortars are a vital step in most concrete lining projects, but the existing products available to contractors have been fraught with problems and difficult application. Induron's Mortarchem represents the next generation of this technology. Mortarchem was designed to simplify the application process while delivering better performance and improved applicator production. This presentation will demonstrate Mortarchem's best-in-class material viscosity and how it results in easy, fast, and profitable resurfacing of concrete substrates.

Andy Odorzynski

Andy Odorzynski joined Induron in 2016 and manages the sales team. Before coming to Induron, he spent the first 15 years of his career on the contracting side of the coatings industry. First, as a painting apprenticeship, Andy traveled across the country getting hands-on experience with blasting and painting projects. After earning his NACE Level 3 certification, he became an in-house quality inspector for one of the nation’s leading storage tank manufacturers.

Andy studied at the University of Louisville, earning his B.S. in Finance and an MBA. In 2010 he became one of fewer than 200 SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialists in the country. He is also an SSPC Certified Concrete Coatings Inspector as well as a C3 Lead Removal Competent Person.


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