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Surface Prep Keynote

Innovation or Insight?

Originally Presented: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Is it better to be innovative or insightful? Innovation is no guarantee of efficiency. Insight is no guarantee of improvement. Wouldn’t it be better to be connected and in touch with the industry you work in? Most of us get so distracted by our daily tasks that we forget to challenge the normalization that has existed for decades. Some of us have preferred stability over challenge and have spent our entire careers in one specific sector, or even facility. Shouldn’t we strive for a better product, service, or solution? There is not a single fix-all solution for the efficiency gains that we, and our clients, are searching for. The truth is, they come in various scales and sometimes must be combined in order to truly achieve the expected improvement. R&D, testing, trials, implementation come with untethered cost. The alternative is to network and collaborate without biases to enjoy the fruit of the team’s labor. Competition is important to each company; however, the age-old saying is also true. There is no "I" in Team.

Ric Beard

Ric Beardis a Subject Matter Expert and Consultant with extensive experience in the management of corrosion control and mitigation in various sectors (e.g. marine, pipeline, oil, and gas). He is NACE certified and has expertise in business development, international policies, procedures, standards, company program development, analytics, solutions, team management, and quality-control development.



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