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Engineering Sustainable Coating Systems

Originally Presented: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Performance and longevity are the cornerstone of sustainability for a coating system. This webinar will highlight the features and benefits of engineered, functional coating systems. These systems are designed to minimize urban heat island buildup, enhance energy savings, and retain long term color stability. These beneficial attributes can be achieved on both roof and wall assemblies with varying substrates, textures, and colors. A description of how The U.S. Department of Energy tested and proved these systems can reduce cooling costs, surface temperature, and energy savings in a variety of colors will also be explored. Utilizing mixed metal pigments allows these wall and roofing coatings to reflect the damaging rays of the sun. These infra-red, or near infra-red, rays not only breakdown conventional coatings, the heat absorption of traditionally pigmented systems can impact both color retention and long-term performance. The webinar will also include an overview of the various environmental programs and how these engineered coating systems can help meet the standards of the specification and assist in garnering points or approval.

Simon Reynolds

As the Vice President of Commercial Sales at TEX•COTE®, Simon Reynolds has extensive experience in both construction project management and construction product sales and marketing, in the U.K. and across western Europe as well as in the U.S. During his 34 years of professional work in the field, Simon has been a specialist sales and marketing director in the building materials sector, with exceptional technical and business qualifications and board-level experience, and he has developed new products in new markets in Europe and the U.S. He’s also introduced strategies for profit optimization and market-share gain. Born and raised in Wales, Simon holds a bachelor’s degree in building technology and management and an MBA from the University of Wales.


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