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How One CPIA Founding Member Realized Over $250k in Tax Savings & Lived To Tell About It

Originally Presented: Thursday, November 12, 2020

In this presentation, Ryan Foley, Partner at Cunningham & Associates, will layout their approach to tax strategy and provide real-world examples of savings they have been able to realize for many of their clients.

Ryan Foley

Ryan Foley is a Partner at C&A. Ryan has helped clients through every phase of the business life cycle as a small business consultant and trainer for well over a decade. Ryan believes that all challenges can be broken into manageable parts and best addressed in an organized, practical manner. He is able to maintain a unique bond with clients through his experience sitting on both sides of the table. He has actively participated as CEO, CFO, sales manager, operations manager, controller and various other business capacities for his clients. He understands the balance between planning, implementation and the occasional, but often necessary, change in direction. Ryan excels in sales strategy and methods, tax planning, operational systems and controls, organizational improvement initiatives and change management.


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