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Application Tools for Properly Applying Coatings 

Originally Presented: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Wooster Brush Company for over 165 years has been a leader in the development of application tools that help apply all types of coatings properly on the many different substrates that are required to be coated. In this webinar we will explain the benefits of our application tools and the special features that will assist in applying coatings in the areas of Commercial Painting, Facility Maintenance, Tank Application, Marine, Floor Coatings and Wind Energy. In each of these segments we have developed tools such as our Pipe Painter tool and the roller cover fabrics that will assist in applying coatings to the proper mil thickness for a smooth finish quicker. We look forward to seeing you at our webinar and making all your coating application need easier using our tools.

Larry Schwartz

Larry Schwartz started with Wooster Brush in 1998 as a District Manager of Michigan and Indiana for 16 years and then 6 years as Director of Industrial/Marine Division. In May 2020, Larry was named Assistant Vice President of Business Development.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks started with Wooster Brush in 2004 as District Manager of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. In July 2017, Jack was named National Manager of Contractor Development.


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