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Achieving a More Productive Blast Cleaning Operation

Originally Presented: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mineral abrasives disintegrate at a rapid rate. A few cycles render them into dust, leaving the user with great quantities of it to dispose. Added to that is the productivity cost of working in a dusty environment,  which among other things increases the possibility of re-work. However, mechanical surface preparation does not have to be this challenging. Viable alternatives exist for a more productive blast cleaning operation.

Joe McGreal

Joe McGreal has more than 30 years in the surface preparation industry with extensive knowledge in the contractor and industrial markets. During this span of time, he has served on various boards for SSPC, AFS (American Foundry Society) and has instructed at the annual Shot Peening & Blast Cleaning Conference. Ervin’s goal is to demonstrate the economic and environmental advantages of using steel and stainless steel blasting abrasives.


Ervin Industries, Inc.

World leader in blast cleaning, shot peening and advanced metal powders, developer of the patent on metallic blasting materials, and dedicated to innovation since 1920

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Ervin Industries, Inc.