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A New Category of Blast Abrasives 

Originally Presented: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

10X Engineered Materials is introducing a new category of abrasive blasting media comprised of ultra-safe, ultra-strong mineral alloy particles. Engineers at 10X will explain how the particles are formed into a unique material matrix that yields breakthrough speed and surface quality with no health or environmental risks (including no free silica and no beryllium). Field results in both contractor maintenance and specialty applications will be presented to demonstrate what is achievable with an engineered abrasive and how the results translate into higher financial returns. Additional benefits include increased blast hold time from substantially delayed rust bloom, low to no particle embedment, enhanced coating performance, and low dust for increased visibility.

Stephen Ricci

Dr. Stephen Ricci is the Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the 10X process. Former director of clean-technology research, development, and commercialization at Battelle Memorial Institute. Expertise in fluid, energy, and materials sciences, technologies, and associated business strategies.

Jacob Vaillancourt

Jacob Vaillancourt is a co-founder of 10X Engineered Materials. Business development and sales leader in insurance products, industrial by-products, and abrasive blast media for over a decade. Instrument rated private pilot.


10X Engineered Materials, LLC

Engineering and distributing cost-effective abrasive blast media products that provide new levels of performance and a safer, more sustainable future

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