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Carboline Company

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Induron Coatings, Inc.

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Tnemec Company, Inc.

Tnemec Company, Inc.

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NCP Coatings LLC

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100%-Solids Linings for the Water/Wastewater Market

Brian Cheshire, Market Manager - Water/Wastewater
Carboline Company

Over the last few decades, air quality regulations and other concerns have pushed coating manufacturers to develop more high-solids and even 100%-solids technologies. There are numerous applications within the wastewater market where these technologies have been—and will continue to be—used. In addition, the water storage market, with looming regulations such as NSF 600, is seeing more and more of these products being used for interior linings. These materials offer many advantages, including longer service life, faster return to service, and building at higher film thicknesses. This presentation aims to lay out some of these advantages in greater detail while showcasing some of the areas where 100%-solids linings are commonly used in water and wastewater applications.



Feed Your Business Growth: Meeting the Demands of the Food & Beverage Industry with New Technologies

Casey Ball, Global Market Director for High Performance Flooring

Mike Manetta, Global Market Director for Food and Beverage

Preventing downtime is critical to running a profitable food and beverage business. Every minute a key asset is out of service, facility owners are deprived of precious production time. The segment is looking for easy-to-install, low VOC coatings and flooring systems that help achieve application time savings and accelerate return to service to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Explore food and beverage industry trends and new solutions with our Sherwin-Williams experts, Casey Ball and Mike Manetta, in this webinar discussion focused on high-performance technologies such as urethane concrete that make the job easier for both the contractor and the owner.



Introducing Mortarchem: The Next Generation of Cementitious Epoxy Mortar

Andy Odorzynski, National Sales Manager
Induron Coatings, Inc.

Cementitious epoxy mortars are a vital step in most concrete lining projects, but the existing products available to contractors have been fraught with problems and difficult application. Induron's Mortarchem represents the next generation of this technology. Mortarchem was designed to simplify the application process while delivering better performance and improved applicator production. This presentation will demonstrate Mortarchem's best-in-class material viscosity and how it results in easy, fast, and profitable resurfacing of concrete substrates.



Procurement: The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Paint Job

Warren Brand, Principal
Chicago Corrosion Group

Every paint job in the history of the world has started with an idea—whether it involves making something beautiful, repairing something that has corroded, or maintaining the purity of a stored product (such as liquid sugar in a tank). As coating professionals, it is our job to make sure these ideas are viable from the start. We will review a case study where we were the lead consultant in the matter of a 96-inch-diameter x 31-inch-tall anaerobic digester tank. The interior coating had been in place, unobserved, for a little over 20 years. Learn what it took to access the tank for inspection and why we advised the client to leave the coating in place. We will also briefly review a second situation which led to a substantial coating failure of a concrete trench where a simple email chain and failure in procurement led to disaster.



Preparing for Changes in Tank Linings

Mark Thomas, Vice President of Marketing
Tnemec Company, Inc.

Cory Brown, Executive Vice President
Tnemec Company, Inc.

Clean, safe drinking water is paramount to water industry officials. In addition to important changes to NSF Std. 61 requirements for potable water coatings, some local municipalities and health departments have further lowered extractable allowances to levels that can be very difficult to achieve. Tnemec Company, Inc. is successfully participating in projects across the country that meet these strict requirements by educating decision makers and helping avoid contentious situations that can arise after a potable water lining is installed. In this interactive webinar, we will describe the ways in which interior coatings are being affected by new extractables testing. We will discuss these new methods of analysis and how they will impact you as an installer of certified lining materials. The presentation will also cover several case studies and discuss how Tnemec is able to support your project, beginning with coating selection and ending with an accepted lining installation.



How to Understand Polysiloxane Technology 

Tom Higginbotham, Training Manager, Americas
PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

Herman Rodriguez, Director of Engineering and Specifications USCA
PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

Julie Birch, General Manager
Paint BidTracker

Around 25 years ago, chemists were able to create a breakthrough in the coatings industry by developing a way to combine and react common organic epoxy resins with inorganic siloxane to create a coating that offers the distinct advantages of both resin types. Siloxane resins tend to be resistant to higher temperatures and to maintain color and gloss attributes in external weathering. Generally, epoxies offer a myriad of valuable characteristics as a coating including excellent wetting, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, and moisture resistance. The technology allowing the combination of these 2 resin types resulted in a unique coating system that offers excellent weathering characteristic to an epoxy resin system. This webinar discusses the value of the epoxy siloxane as well other resin combinations surrounding this technology and how these are utilized in corrosion prevention.



New Fluoropolymer Topcoat Standard for Protective and Restoration Coatings

Kurt Wood, Senior Principal Scientist
Arkema, Inc.

Fluoropolymer resin technologies have offered the possibility of a quantum improvement in topcoat decorative properties compared to conventional resins. Specifiers have expressed a need for an SSPC standard for field-applied fluoropolymer topcoats. The SSPC C.1.8 committee has been working to develop such a standard. A key challenge has been to identify a set of accelerated weathering test conditions which would allow for the reliable qualification of fluoropolymer topcoat formulations. Using a round-robin weathering study of 13 resin systems (fluorinated and non-fluorinated) from 10 different manufacturers, in four reference colors, accelerated test conditions have been identified that accurately differentiate between high weatherability fluoropolymer formulations, and conventional SSPC Paint 36 and MPI 311 formulations.



Advanced IUPAT Training and Certifications that Make a Difference on a Project

Rick Matthews, Industry Liaison Industrial Coatings Finishing First
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

Advanced skills and safety training, as well as industry certifications, are paramount to a productive job site. The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, through its affiliates, not only offers such training and certification opportunities, but also provides the resources for IUPAT signatory employers to build a better business as well.



Maximize Your Investment with Paint BidTracker: Exploring Best Practices for Finding Success

Julie Birch, General Manager
Paint BidTracker

Jim McBrayer, CEO
McBrayer & Associates

Using a lead service can save you time and money, while helping you grow your business. The key to maximizing your investment, whether bidding on new painting projects or selling/distributing coatings and/or equipment, is to learn to use it efficiently and establish an effective strategy for your entire team. In this presentation, Paint BidTracker will explore techniques to help you find success, review best search practices, highlight new tools and answer frequently asked questions. This session is ideal for Paint BidTracker subscribers, as well as anyone considering a subscription or free trial of the service.


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