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Sherwin-Williams - Commercial

Sherwin-Williams - Commercial

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Support for Sustainable Projects 

Mark Thomas, Vice President of Marketing
Tnemec Company, Inc.

Cory Brown, Executive Vice President
Tnemec Company Inc.

When working on a sustainable building project, high-performance coatings might not be the first thing you think about, since traditional coatings are too high in VOCs and emissions to meet the strict requirements of green certification programs. But sometimes high-performance coatings are still an important factor in these projects. LEED certification and LBC standards limit the amount of allowable emissions from coatings. National air district regulations also narrow the field of choices for eco-conscious coatings applicators. All of these sustainability requirements have restricted the use of solvent-borne products, but some coating manufacturers have inventive, low-emitting coating systems. In this presentation, we will review common green-building programs, discuss the qualifications of these sustainable building protocols, and explain what contractors may encounter with coating selection and use as well as required documentation for the owner.



Coatings That Work: Providing Long-Term Solutions That Set You Apart from Your Competition and Help Your Customers Get the Most Out of Their Projects

Hank Meinking, Area Account Executive - Architectural Services

Your customers look to you for products and solutions that help their projects look their best for as long as possible. Greater expectations for space utilization and project design are reframing how traditional building products should contribute to the efficient use of resources and promote well-being for the occupant. This presentation will highlight coating innovations engineered to work harder. We will walk through the new generation of coatings and review how they can be utilized on new and renovation projects. We will also highlight how Sherwin-Williams products and services can help you separate yourself from your competition.



Great Communication to Close More Deals

Michael Gogan, Business Development- Education

Contractors often worry about the number of leads they are getting, and often will go to great lengths to get more leads. This webinar will focus on how you can increase your closing percentage by simply improving your communication and documentation. A great way to combat lead flow is to close at a higher rate. We will dive into the importance of having a solid process for your team to follow every step of the way. In this webinar we will highlight common areas where lack of communication leads to lost deals or unhappy customers and team members and how you can alleviate those issues. We will dissect how what appears to be one lost deal or unhappy customer can actually be a lot larger problem. Conversely we will look at how easy it can be to create a great customer experience and the fruits that that experience can yield. This webinar will be perfect for all sized companies that are looking to close more deals with a few simple steps.



Get To Know The Industry's Newest Trade Association: The Commercial Painting Industry Association

Aaron Moore, President
PPD Painting

Steve Hester, President
Hester Decorating

In this presentation, Founding Members Aaron Moore, President of PPD Painting & Steve Hester, President of Hester Decorating will outline their vision for the industry's newest trade association focusing on the unique needs of commercial painting contractors. They will discuss their different levels of membership, how their peer group model is setup, and answer any questions or hear suggestions the audience may have.



Laws of Success: World-Class Service to the National Facilities and Utilities Industry

Gary Rabine, Chairman/Founder, Rabine Group
Host, Ditch Digger CEO

Turn your dreams into drive! Whether you’re a longtime entrepreneur or aspire to start a business, Gary will offer guidance and inspiration for making your situation more enjoyable, profitable—and, perhaps, even wildly successful.



How to Secure Meetings with Decisionmakers and Keep Them Captivated

Jim McBrayer, CEO
McBrayer & Associates

Typically, salespeople push their solution on prospects who are not ready to buy. They try to time the market, to find someone suited for their solution, but the #1 buying criteria in B2B decisions is not the solution: it’s the competency of the salesperson. Their value comes in the ability to establish their credibility as an expert and frame the conversation to reveal the prospect’s true problem. The question is, how can the salesperson bring value? How can they kindle a relationship with the 97% of the market that is not actively seeking a solution so that when they are ready, the salesperson can guide them? If the primary job of the seller is to bring value before the solution, then our job is to show them how. This webinar teaches how to deliver what prospects value most, and how to develop the valid business reasons to meet. We show how to supply what's missing in the belief system so your salespeople not only deliver value to their prospects, but provide them the confidence they need to get the meeting and keep the prospect captivated.



Engineering Sustainable Coating Systems

Simon Reynolds, Vice President of Commercial Sales

Performance and longevity are the cornerstone of sustainability for a coating system. This webinar will highlight the features and benefits of engineered, functional coating systems. These systems are designed to minimize urban heat island buildup, enhance energy savings, and retain long term color stability. These beneficial attributes can be achieved on both roof and wall assemblies with varying substrates, textures, and colors. A description of how The U.S. Department of Energy tested and proved these systems can reduce cooling costs, surface temperature, and energy savings in a variety of colors will also be explored. Utilizing mixed metal pigments allows these wall and roofing coatings to reflect the damaging rays of the sun. These infra-red, or near infra-red, rays not only breakdown conventional coatings, the heat absorption of traditionally pigmented systems can impact both color retention and long-term performance. The webinar will also include an overview of the various environmental programs and how these engineered coating systems can help meet the standards of the specification and assist in garnering points or approval.



Application Tools for Properly Applying Coatings 

Larry Schwartz, Assistant Vice President Business Development
The Wooster Brush Company

Jack Franks, National Manager Contractor Development
The Wooster Brush Company

The Wooster Brush Company for over 165 years has been a leader in the development of application tools that help apply all types of coatings properly on the many different substrates that are required to be coated. In this webinar we will explain the benefits of our application tools and the special features that will assist in applying coatings in the areas of Commercial Painting, Facility Maintenance, Tank Application, Marine, Floor Coatings and Wind Energy. In each of these segments we have developed tools such as our Pipe Painter tool and the roller cover fabrics that will assist in applying coatings to the proper mil thickness for a smooth finish quicker. We look forward to seeing you at our webinar and making all your coating application need easier using our tools.



How One CPIA Founding Member Realized Over $250k in Tax Savings & Lived To Tell About It

Ryan Foley, Partner
Cunningham & Associates

In this presentation, Ryan Foley, Partner at Cunningham & Associates, will layout their approach to tax strategy and provide real-world examples of savings they have been able to realize for many of their clients.