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Clemco Industries is the world's largest manufacturer of air-powered, abrasive blasting equipment. Since 1941, we’ve been designing and building exceptional-quality blasting equipment for self-employed contractors, the U.S. military, and U.S. and multinational corporations. 


However, whoever the customer and whatever their application, three principles guide our production and design. Clemco equipment is:

1.     Built to Be Durable

2.     Simple to Operate

3.     Always Dependable


Over the decades, we’ve built equipment that performs to our customers’ standards and protects their reputations. This is how we’ve built our reputation. 


In fact, Clemco literally wrote the book on abrasive blasting that has been used to shape the industry. Blast Off 2 has more than 1 million copies in circulation. Contact Clemco ( for your free copy of Blast Off 2.


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Owner of Mtn Acres Log Home Restoration raves about his Clemco equipment. He and his crew restore log homes in the warm months, and then snowboard in
ASME and NBBI set standards for pressure vessel design, manufacture, inspection, and repair. As for that metal plate . . .
Robotic technology repurposes a Clemco blasting facility.
Clemco employees via video chat help trailer manufacturer start up blast room.
New Factory Acceptance Program further ensures equipment quality.
Lab’s sample processing and ongoing research serve customers and the industry.
New Clemco web page outlines precautions when using blast machines, cabinets, and rooms.
Cabinet had been used at a high school career center since 1969.


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