Abrasives Inc.


Abrasives Inc. is proud to be a North Dakota based corporation originating in 1990 as a silica and coal slag producer. Production first began at the Elgin, ND plant and then expanded due to increasing demand for our fine quality products.

You’ll find Abrasives Inc. home office on the rolling plains of southwestern North Dakota. The view looking out from the plant puts on a scenic display of rolling hills, buttes, and a small creek nearby which is the path for frequent visiting deer and wild turkeys. If you’re an office worker or a plant worker, it is a delight to be located in such a striking area.

Company Story

In the rolling hills of North Dakota, success is determined by how you use natural resources that surround you. In 1990, Abrasives Incorporated began as a sand company mining material from a nearby pit. The cleaned and graded material was delivered to industrial distributors throughout the Midwest. Dakota GoldTM, as it was aptly named, also provided golf courses a durable top dressing material resistant to weathering and freezing.

A decade passed and in 2001 another natural opportunity came courtesy of local resources. Coal slag from neighboring lignite coal fired electrical generation plants provided a new product that was, and is, useful to the surface preparation and coatings industry. By hauling the by-product away from power plants, Abrasives Inc. recycle waste material and turns it into a highly effective and low dusting blasting material. By washing, screening and processing the slag, Abrasives Inc. is able to manufacture multiple grades of Black Magic®, also known as “The Tough Stuff” for its hardness and superior cleaning performance.

In 2014, an opportunity came along to better serve customers in the Upper Midwest when Abrasives Inc., purchased BCS Industrial in Fridley, MN. With a talented sales staff and two warehouses, Abrasives Inc. carries a wide variety of coatings, abrasives blasting parts and equipment, coated and bonded abrasives products, and an array of industrial products.

Located on rail and with easy access to interstate roadways, Abrasives Inc. utilizes multiple methods of delivery throughout the United States and Canada. Quick order turnaround and partnerships with over 100 trucking companies get Abrasives Inc.’s product where you need it, when you need it.

Almost three decades later, Abrasives Inc. has become an employee owned company and continues to focus on natural resources and supplying what their customers want.

Abrasives Inc. now has two locations: Glen Ullin, ND and Fridley, MN, as well as distributors in 13 states and Canada.


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Abrasives Inc
4090 Hwy 49
Glen Ullin, ND 58631
PH: 800-584-7524
PH: 701-348-3610
PH: 701-348-3615

Russell Raad
PH: 701-348-3610
CELL: 701-870-1840

Tony Elizondo
Director of Operations
PH: 763-571-8700
CELL: 361-944-2911

Jim Kaiser
Account Executive
PH: 701-348-3610
CELL: 701-220-0864

John Hobbs
Account Executive
PH: 763-571-8700
CELL: 218-590-4053

Stacy Raad
Account Executive
PH: 763-571-8700
CELL: 262-649-0515

Brian Denne
Account Executive
PH: 763-571-8700
PH: 612-723-2299


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Equipment for Coatings Work
Heaters for Spray Pumps and Hoses
Masking Tape and Related Materials
Paint Pots for Spray Painting
Pumps for Spray Painting
Spray Booths
Spray Guns
Spray Hoses and Fittings
Spray Nozzles and Tips
Spray Systems, Air
Spray Systems, Air-assisted Airless
Spray Systems, Airless
Spray Systems, Electrostatic
Spray Systems, HVLP
Spray Systems, Plural Component
Traffic Line Stripers
Cooling Equipment
Lighting, Explosion-Proof
Ambient Air Samplers, Area Monitoring
Dust Collectors - Hand Held Tools
Dust Collectors, Filters
Solvent Recovery Systems
Ventilation Equipment
Calibration Standards
Inspection Lights, General
Inspection Lights, Ultraviolet
Laser Measures
Lead Test Kits
Needle Pressure Gages
Nozzle Orifice Gages
Pit Gages
Thickness Gages, Dry Film, Destructive
Thickness Gages, Dry Film, Eddy Current
Thickness Gages, Dry Film, Magnetic
Thickness Gages, Wet Film
Thickness Testers, Ultrasonic
Air Compressors
Air Monitoring, CO and Other Gases
Air Monitoring, Personal
Air Monitoring, Personal, Pumps and Calibrators
Belts and Harnesses
Communication Sets, Accessories
Compressed Air Purifiers
Ear Protection
Electrical Protection, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Eye Protection
Fall Arrest Sytems
Hand Protection
Hard Hats
Protective Clothing
Respirators, Disposable Dust Mask
Respirators, Negative Air, Cartridge-Type
Respirators, Powered Air Purifying, Cartridge-Type
Respirators, Type CE, Supplied-Air, Full Face Only
Respirators, Type CE, Supplied-Air, Hood/Helmet with Cape
Abrasive Additives, Dust Suppressants
Abrasive Additives, Other
Abrasive Recovery/Recycling Systems
Abrasive, Aluminum Oxide
Abrasive, Coal Slag
Abrasive, Garnet
Abrasive, Glass, Beads
Abrasive, Glass, Crushed
Abrasive, Organic
Abrasive, Other
Abrasive, Plastic Media
Abrasive, Sand
Abrasive, Soda Blast
Abrasive, Soft
Abrasive, Steel Grit
Abrasive, Steel Shot
Air Compressors
Blast and Recycling Systems, Air Abrasive
Blast Machines/Pots
Blast Nozzles
Blast Room Design and Construction
Blasting Cabinets
Chemical Cleaning Materials
Compressed Air Dryers
Compressed Air Filters
Grinders and Planers, Concrete
Hand Tools (wire brushes, scrapers, chisels)
Hazardous Waste Stabilizers, Abrasive Additive
Hazardous Waste Stabilizers, Liquid, Gel
Hoses and Fittings
Paint Strippers, Chemical
Pipe, Cleaning Equipment
Power Tools, Cleaning Media
Power Tools, Disc Sanders
Power Tools, Grinders
Power Tools, Wire Brushes
Pumps, Water Blasting
Rust Inhibitors
Salt Removal Chemicals
Screens, Abrasive Separating
Shot Blast Machines, Portable, Horizontal
Shot Blast Machines, Portable, Vertical
Vacuum Blast Systems
Vacuum Equipment
Water Blasting Units, High Pressure
Water Blasting Units, Ultra-High Pressure
Water Washing Units, Low Pressure
Wet Blasting Units (water and abrasive)
Wheel Blasting Units, Stationary