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NCP Coatings LLC develops and manufactures technologically advanced primers, enamels, textured coatings, topcoats, reducers and marking paints: commercial, industrial, military and marine applications. ISO 9001:2015

Who We Are
A third-generation family-owned business, NCP recently celebrated 70 years of supplying the global paint coatings arena. Headquartered in southwest Michigan, NCP employs more than 100 people at its primary 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Other facilities are in Indiana and Italy.

C.M. “Marvin” Hannewyk II moved to Niles, Michigan, and founded Niles Chemical Paint in 1944, incorporating in 1948. Today, NCP and the Hannewyk family still hold to this core philosophy: offer clients a better way of doing business to find the best solutions to their coatings needs.

Industries Served
Clients include OEM manufacturers in industries such as heavy truck/trailer, recreational marine/commercial shipbuilding, and off-road equipment. Other industries served include aerospace, military weaponry, ground force equipment and naval shipbuilding. NCP Coatings is well regarded for its specialized line of tree marking coatings utilized by U.S. and Canadian forestry industries.

Automobile Industry: First Customer
Hannewyk’s first customer was nearby car manufacturer Studebaker Automobile Company, making the company’s signature red wheel enamel. From its national exposure with Studebaker, NCP quickly expanded from commercial to military and industrial clients.

U.S. Military
This cooperation with the defense industry since the 1950s challenges NCP to evolve its product lines in order to meet ever-greater specific performance and application demands. This mindset is repeated throughout the rest of NCP’s customer base as well.

NCP works with the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, USCG, Navy, Naval Aviation and Air Force with coating technologies and engineering expertise. These strong partnerships, with the individual and collaborative R&D laboratories in each branch, continue to develop next generation coatings.

Here to Serve
On a typical day, NCP produces and ships between three and four thousand gallons of paint to customers worldwide. These products can be the most basic of alkyd enamels and primers to high performance epoxies, urethanes and polysiloxanes. NCP’s customer service, sales and shipping staff accept and fulfill orders, address present or potential customers’ questions and arrange shipping products globally. Customers, colleagues and consultants, from within any industry served by NCP, visit the plant to collaborate in design, forecasts and strategies integral to future coatings and industry-wide technology needs.

Today, NCP is involved with the application of its SiloXoGrip® polysiloxane non-skid coating in the first spray application on a naval LCS platform in San Diego. NCP SiloXoGrip polysiloxane coating has greater flexibility than traditional non-skid coatings, especially when spray-applied. Upon a successful installation, the platform in San Diego may provide the OEM builders of LCS platforms with a way to prevent cracking and delaminating from ever occurring, as well as address the routine maintenance requirements of the U.S. Navy for existing LCS platforms in their fleet.

High-Profile Projects

• St. Joseph, Michigan: North Pier Lighthouse project. As a form of community outreach, NCP provided its high-performance epoxy primers and SiloXoShield® polysiloxane coatings along with technical oversight for rehabilitating the historic structure along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

• Washington D.C.: Smithsonian American Art Museum. NCP supports the fine arts by providing its unique water-reducible polyurethane military coatings for art installations such as Gwenfritz, an Alexander Calder sculpture found on the grounds front fountain plaza.

• Recently, NCP’s new metal-rich primers and single-component polysiloxane aerospace coatings have been introduced for use on both the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aircraft. The NRL published a notice June 2019 of a “safer and user-friendly topcoat” applied to a Marine Corps AH-1z Viper Helicopter that is easy to apply while being safer for the environment.

Personal Touch
Perhaps a David in a world full of Goliaths, nimbleness differentiates NCP from better known firms. NCP quickly offers existing and prospective customers technical expertise and product support. This flexibility and attentiveness to the specific needs of each customer allow NCP the opportunities to work with a wide variety of businesses and agencies. From basic-protection coatings for metal castings to highly specified coatings for nuclear submarines for long-term and extreme applications, NCP Coatings Inc. embraces the challenges and opportunities to help.


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