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July 13 - July 17, 2020

Which factors are most important in selecting coatings for new concrete?

Selected Answers

From john lienert of nehalem bay paint on July 22, 2020:
price more

From chuck pease of EXTREME DRYWALL CONCEPTS on July 20, 2020:
Short answer, one would need to know service expos more

From Richard Devick of UCI PAINTS on July 16, 2020:
The coating selected MUST have alkali resistance a more

From Dave Helmholdt of Repcolite Paints on July 13, 2020:
The most important factor in selecting a coating i more

From Mike Rutherford of Conspectus (QLD) Pty Ltd on July 13, 2020:
Surface preparation is an important factor when se more

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