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January 13 - January 17, 2020

A specification for a bridge to be built of high-performance weathering steel (HPS GR50/GR70W) requires an SSPC-SP 10, a profile of 3 to 5 mils, and metallizing with a final dft of 10-12 mils. What challenges, time, and costs are associated with obtaining the profile, primarily in the shop but also in the field? Are there any long-term performance issues with metallizing over weathering steel?

Selected Answers

From Grant Blohm of Metalizing Pro Inc on January 23, 2020:
Attaining the specified blast profile is basically more

From Joe McGreal of Ervin Industries. on January 22, 2020:
On the subject of surface preparation on weatherin more

From Julian Hay of JhayCon Inspection and Consulting on January 21, 2020:
The main challenge here appears to be stupidity. more

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