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November 18 - November 22, 2019

What surface treatment is best when the maximum manufacturer recommended interval for overcoating has been exceeded?

Selected Answers

From Kalpesh Patel of Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd. on November 21, 2019:
Depends on type of coatings: some coatings are sof more

From Tom Schwerdt of Active Transportation Advocates on November 21, 2019:
Read the manufacturer's instructions for overcoati more

From maxim dube of Galvatech2000 on November 19, 2019:
Most of the time, if the maximum recoat times have more

From Neil Pittman of Lake Superior Consulting on November 19, 2019:
Check with the coating manufacturer! more

From Aajjay Sunkay of ASSETREIFURB ENGINEERRS on November 18, 2019:
Once overcoating time is exceeded, then the coatin more

From CharlesE (Mac) McKenna of SERES on November 18, 2019:
Chemically or mechanically reactivate the surface. more

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