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November 4 - November 8, 2019

Is the MEK rub test a conclusive test to check the cure of IOZ coatings?

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From Larry Muzia of Exceletech Coating & Applications, LLC on December 5, 2019:
First, I disagree with one of the replies which sa more

From Aajjay Sunkay of ASSETREIFURB ENGINEERRS on December 2, 2019:
IOZ coatings contain 100% inorganic zinc and once more

From Rob Francis of R A Francis Consulting on November 18, 2019:
Thomas Starr in JPCL, March, 1986, investigated va more

From Tom Schwerdt of Active Transportation Advocates on November 14, 2019:
Jon, be aware that the pencil hardness test is qui more

From Geir Christianslund of Aker Solutions MMO on November 13, 2019:
There are many roads that lead to Rome... What's c more

From rON Lewis of Corrosion Management Ltd on November 12, 2019:
First, forgive me if it appears that I am boasting more

From Jon Cavallo of Jon R. Cavallo PE LLC on November 8, 2019:
Given my druthers, I would druther use pencil hard more

From Bryant Chandler of Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. on November 7, 2019:
IOZ coatings are both solvent- and water based. Pr more

From Kalpesh Patel of Endura Manufacturing Co. Ltd. on November 7, 2019:
I agree with Jeff. Curing of IOZ Coating is depend more

From Jeff Kim of Sherwin-Williams on November 5, 2019:
I would not call it "conclusive" or indicative of more

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