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June 5 - June 11, 2019

I have several water tanks constructed with carbon steel for demineralized water storage. The tanks are about 20 years old, and the original coating has started to blister. For refurbishment of the coating, what material should be used and at what dry film thickness? The original type of coating is unknown.

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From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on June 13, 2019:
Hi Larry, I agree 100%. Quick comment about an ep more

From Larry Muzia of Exceletech Coating & Applications, LLC on June 12, 2019:
We recently completed a demin water storage tank a more

From Aajjay Sunkay of ASSETREIFURB ENGINEERRS on June 10, 2019:
If you are looking for an expected life of the coa more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on June 10, 2019:
This is an incredibly complex question. And I agr more

From Zenith Czora of Durotech Industries, Inc. on June 6, 2019:
For complete refurbishment, total removal of exist more

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