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July 16 - July 20, 2018

We need to paint our publicly owned lighthouse. What should I include in the specifications for this bid regarding surface preparation, coating systems, and other considerations?

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From Regis Doucette of Durable Solutions on July 25, 2018:
Non-visible contaminants should be addressed throu more

From Fred Salome of CTI Consultants Pty. Ltd. on July 22, 2018:
Lighthouses are usually old, located in highly exp more

From rON Lewis of Corrosion Management Ltd on July 20, 2018:
I fully concur with Eric Murrell's answer to this more

From Tom Tipps of Tom Tipps on July 20, 2018:
In what state is the lighthouse located? more

From Ken Jacobi of Bechtel on July 18, 2018:
You use a coating consultant who can also evaluate more

From Trevor Neale of Blastco on July 18, 2018:
Absolutely correct, Eric ! more

From Eric Murrell of SME on July 18, 2018:
If you cant answer these questions yourself, I rec more

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