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July 9 - July 14, 2018

How many areas should be tested for possible chloride contamination during fabrication of an offshore production platform, and why?

Selected Answers

From Yan Lin, Yu of DNVGL on August 6, 2018:
If you want to evaluate the salt contamination lev more

From David Zuskin of Indepedent on July 31, 2018:
I address ships, Navy and commercial, where surfac more

From Mika Mack of MAPPA INC. on July 24, 2018:
Visually go over the entire structure and map pote more

From Regis Doucette of Durable Solutions on July 19, 2018:
I would promote the use of NACE SP-0716, which has more

From SubbiahRajendran surendran of L&T oman on July 18, 2018:
For external coatings work, test one area per 100 more

From Christophe Le cloarec of GEPI on July 18, 2018:
Test one area per 100 square meters. more

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