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January 22 - January 26, 2018

What can be done to prevent rust bleed in crevices when applying a zinc/epoxy/urethane system?

Selected Answers

From Regis Doucette of Durable Solutions on January 26, 2018:
How do you prevent the “symptoms” of a problem fro more

From Harry Peters of CHLOR RID International, Inc. on January 23, 2018:
Certainly cannot state it much better than the way more

From Anthony Koontz of SherwinWilliams on January 23, 2018:
Apply a 100% solids epoxy penetrating primer follo more

From Wayne Senick of Termarust Technologies on January 22, 2018:
Rust bleed is a symptom of a chemically active cor more

From Paul Tsourous of Jupiter on January 22, 2018:
An application of 100% solids penetrating epoxy se more

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