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December 4 - December 8, 2017

How should a conflict between requirements, such as film thickness, on a product data sheet and the specification be resolved?

Selected Answers

From Tom Schwerdt of Active Transportation Advocates on December 12, 2017:
Sometimes a "conflict" isn't actually a conflict. more

From Erik Andreassen of CPS on December 7, 2017:
Many times this happens because the specifier has more

From Dennis Kelley of Kelly Moore Paint on December 6, 2017:
I agree with Michael that it must be communicated more

From sean newhall of NEWPORT FAB on December 6, 2017:
The manufacturer's data sheet will always win in t more

From Ronald Truman of Veritas Steel, LLC. on December 6, 2017:
We have a state that requires that we apply 3 - 6 more

From Michael Halliwell of Thurber Engineering Ltd. on December 4, 2017:
This is a simple one: communication. It is a matte more

From JAVIER JIMENEZ of yo on December 4, 2017:
A good specification should respect the recommenda more

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