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October 9 - October 13, 2017

Should pull-off adhesion tests be carried out on a zinc-rich primer alone, or only on a complete system?

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From Patrick Jansen of IFO-Nederland on November 20, 2017:
I prefer on a complete system (if I see the surfac more

From David Grove of The Grove Real Estate Group on October 23, 2017:
I propose that a simple question be asked. What is more

From Marco Fabio Ramenzoni of ZINGA METALL BRASIL on October 13, 2017:
The purpose of a TRUE ZINC RICH coating applicatio more

From amar jit singh of NIC T Pune on October 11, 2017:
The test to evaluate adhesion has changed from AST more

From Ajay Sunke of ASSETReifurb Engineerr on October 9, 2017:
The objective of using a zinc-rich primer is to pr more

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