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October 2 - October 6, 2017

What is the best way to remedy over-thickness of a topcoat after it has dried and cured?

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From Greg Thorpe of Hertel Modern on October 10, 2017:
Depending on the extent of the "highs," we've foun more

From David Grove of The Grove Real Estate Group on October 6, 2017:
All answers appear to be good; however, I believe more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on October 5, 2017:
The question implies that it has already been dete more

From Elvis Sequeira of Berger Paints Emirates Ltd on October 5, 2017:
I agree with the first two responses. In addition more

From Erik Andreassen of CPS on October 3, 2017:
Check with the coating supplier's data and technic more

From david hopkins of Retired on October 3, 2017:
What type of topcoat--is it for chemical or UV pro more

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