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June 19 - June 23, 2017

Can an epoxy polyamide zinc phosphate primer be overcoated with a synthetic enamel alkyd-based topcoat? If no, why not?

Selected Answers

From GIL DOLON of HEMPEL Singapore Pte Ltd on August 18, 2017:
Straightforward answer is yes, provided the epoxy more

From PARVEZ SHAIKH of thyssenkrupp industries Pvt Ltd. on July 5, 2017:
The reason for over-coating the epoxy with zinc ph more

From Simon Hope of Bilfinger Salamis on June 28, 2017:
Alkyds with metallic zinc saponify, which is why y more

From trevor neale of TF Warren Group on June 27, 2017:
Yes, providing the epoxy primer is prepared correc more

From Allan scott of allan scott on June 27, 2017:
Yes, you can apply an enamel-based alkyd topcoat o more

From Paiboonsak S of CFT on June 26, 2017:
You can apply an alkyd over the epoxy primer if it more

From MARTIN HERRERA of CPPQ SA on June 26, 2017:
Good question. I have no previous experience of t more

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