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January 9 - January 13, 2017

Where would you use epoxy and cementitious intumescent coatings?

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From Stephen Dobrosielski of Retired on January 11, 2017:
Alfredo, good summary filled with a lot of common more

From Alfredo Claussen of Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo on January 10, 2017:
Independently of the material proposed for fire pr more

From Mika Mack of MAPPA INC. on January 10, 2017:
(laughing) I was hoping for less consensus and m more

From Joe Miller of NextGen Green Building Products, Inc. dba on January 10, 2017:
Intumescent fireproofing is typically made from ep more

From Michael Quaranta of OPERATIONS 40 on January 9, 2017:
Ahhh Mike Mack . . . the truth is in the reading! more

From Mika Mack of MAPPA INC. on January 9, 2017:
Epoxy and cementitious intumescent coatings are us more

From Clyde Morgan of BURNS & McDONNELL on January 9, 2017:
Use epoxy intumescents on refinery structural stee more

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