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August 7 - August 13, 2016

Can water be sprayed onto an IOZ coated surface that has not fully cured due to low-humidity conditions to accelerate the cure?

Selected Answers

From Andrew Smith of Akzo Nobel Pty Ltd on August 21, 2016:
I would like to recommend readers to an article by more

From OM PRAKASH JAT of Galadari Engineering works on August 20, 2016:
Yes, we can use water spray onto an IOZ-sprayed co more

From David Lemke of Team Industries on August 14, 2016:
In climates where shops need to be heated in the w more

From Chuck Pease of MMI Tank on August 11, 2016:
Yes, it can. more

From Alfredo Claussen of Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo on August 9, 2016:
It depends... If the IOZ has just been sprayed an more

From Mike Beitzel of Modjeski and Masters on August 9, 2016:
Misting with water is acceptable when humidity is more

From James Prevatt of SPEC-GUARD on August 9, 2016:
Yes, water is used when low humidity conditions ar more

From Raymond Merrill of Texas Department of Transportation on August 8, 2016:
Yes, water can be sprayed on an IOZ-coated surface more

From Per Gabrielsson of Free Lance Consultations and Inspections on August 8, 2016:
Please feel free to spray (fresh) water. If the su more

From Dale Waters of CBI on August 8, 2016:
Yes, water can be sprayed to accelerate the cure.< more

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