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July 17 - July 23, 2016

During newbuilding, do I have to stripe coat edges if I am using an edge retention primer?

Selected Answers

From Erik Andreassen of CPS on September 30, 2019:
Stripe coating is always required on edges,corners more

From Rick Simpson of Global Coatings Consulting Lts on July 22, 2016:
On all projects, I insist that all edges are radiu more

From Per Gabrielsson of Free Lance Consultations and Inspections on July 21, 2016:
One thing to remember when you make the stripe coa more

From MARIANA HUHULEA of Seaquest MPM on July 21, 2016:
You definitely need to do so. And carry out an edg more

From Simon Wadsworth of COWI on July 20, 2016:
Yes, you need to stripe-coat. I am not a coating s more

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