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March 14 - March 20, 2016

I need to coat a bare concrete warehouse floor that has visible oil stains. What are my options for cleaning the concrete before coating it?

Selected Answers

From Michael Quaranta of OPERATIONS 40 on March 18, 2016:
Great exercise! What is the size and age of the c more

From Robert Cameron of PPG on March 18, 2016:
A biodegradable detergent cleaner/degreaser for ma more

From Darell Chamberlain of C. Darell & Assoc. Inc. on March 16, 2016:
Use a microbial enzyme cleaning solution. This wil more

From Timothy Knell of Shore Corporation on March 14, 2016:
Depending on the time you have between when you ca more

From Dave Helmholdt of Repcolite Paints on March 14, 2016:
Use an oil and grease emulsifier. This will help c more

From Sarah Geary of RockTred on March 14, 2016: more

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