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February 2 - February 6, 2016

Some specifications may have requirements that the inspector may know to be extraneous or may be more restrictive than necessary to obtain a quality coating application. What is the ethical responsibility of the inspector to reject non-conforming coatings that they know will perform as intended, particularly where attempted repairs may degrade the coating system?

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From Michael Halliwell of Thurber Engineering Ltd. on February 12, 2016:
From the consulting side, we're there to look out more

From Charles Harvilicz of Huntington-Ingalls, Newport News Shipbuilding on February 12, 2016:
He has two obligations. One is contractual, and th more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on February 11, 2016:
I've had these conversations before, and have alwa more

From Karen Fischer of Amstar of WNY on February 11, 2016:
Coating Inspector training (SSPC or NACE) indicate more

From john kern of VCI on February 11, 2016:
In your original statement you indicate there was more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on February 5, 2016:
We ran into this exact situation yesterday. A la more

From Stephen Bothello of Jotun UAE Ltd on February 4, 2016:
The coating inspector should be aware and be absol more

From Steve Stroud of Stroud Estimating, LLC on February 4, 2016:
I agree with Ivan Lasa. more

From Ivan Lasa. of FL Dept Transportation on February 3, 2016:
It is the responsibility of the inspector to verif more

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