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January 17 - January 23, 2016

What causes static electricity during abrasive blasting? What risk does it pose, and how can it be controlled?

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From John McCredie of Franklin Industrial Services on February 17, 2016:
We are using a vapor blaster, where the abrasive i more

From Chuck Pease of MMI Tank on February 16, 2016:
Best response to the question to date from OM PRAK more

From Antonio Leal of IMMT-Institut Macaé Tecnology and Metrology on February 16, 2016:
Usually,   tanks, piping and other equip more

From Gary Burke of Carlisle Fluid Technologies on February 12, 2016:
All equipment should be grounded to dissipate the more

From Ajay Sunke of ASSETReifurb Engineerr on January 23, 2016:
High velocity movement of blast media through a ho more

From OM PRAKASH JAT of Galadari Engineering works on January 16, 2016:
What causes static electricity during abrasive bla more

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