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September 13 - September 19, 2015

What are the pros and cons of specifying sieve sizes for abrasives?

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From Robert Ikenberry of California Engineering Contractors, Inc. on November 6, 2015:
Abrasive size selection is generally left up to th more

From Duane Hough of Champion Painting Specialty Services, Corp. on November 6, 2015:
Specify the desired surface profile. Specifying si more

From Peter Bock of Performance Polymers Americas LLC on November 6, 2015:
The commonly held belief that coarse or medium-to- more

From robert kogler of rampart llc on September 30, 2015:
The only obvious reason to specify sieve sizes wou more

From Michael Halliwell of Thurber Engineering Ltd. on September 29, 2015:
Warren hit the nail on the head...the pros are all more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on September 25, 2015:
From a consulting perspective, I can think of no r more

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