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June 8 - June 14, 2015

How do you adequately assess the adhesion of a newly applied coating?

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From Angel Rivera of Rivera Coating Inspection & Consulting LLC on February 27, 2017:
Adhesion testing on a newly applied coating system more

From Daniel Reed of Delta Engineering on August 18, 2015:
Depending on specificenvironmental conditions, suc more

From Rodney White of Independent Consultant on June 17, 2015:
Trevor and Simon are both spot-on. There should be more

From Simon Hope of Bilfinger Salamis on June 12, 2015:
You don't! A coating should be fully cured before more

From Alfredo Claussen of Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo on June 10, 2015:
Just one brief comment on the phrase: "seconds whe more

From trevor neale of TF Warren Group on June 8, 2015:
A newly applied coating needs to reach its full cu more

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