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January 26 - January 30, 2015

We need to paint our publicly owned lighthouse. What should I include in the specifications for this bid regarding surface preparation, coating systems, and other considerations?

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From john lienert of nehalem bay paint on February 5, 2015:
How high is up?  You need a certified coating more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on January 30, 2015:
The only way to ensure that a job like this, or an more

From Stephen Pinney of S.G. Pinney, P.E., Inc. on January 27, 2015:
Old lighthouses, which most of them are, contain a more

From Eric Murrell of SME on January 27, 2015:
There are many questions that must be answered bef more

From travis gold of Mid Atlantic Coatings on January 26, 2015:
The answer is going to vary depending on the mater more

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