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April 14 - April 18, 2014

What are the significant performance differences between an inorganic zinc primer (ethyl silicate) and an organic zinc primer (epoxy), given the same application and exposure conditions?

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From David Lemke of Team Industries on April 29, 2014:
We have applied the 3-coat systems using both OZ a more

From Samuel Felisario of PT RAJAWALI HIYOTO on April 29, 2014:
I agree with David Lemke: in terms of performance, more

From Will Fultz of Sika Greenstreak / Tuff-N-Nuff on April 28, 2014:
The short answer is that there are few differences more

From Willie Mandeno of Opus International Consultants Ltd. on April 28, 2014:
There are no significant differences when correctl more

From David Lemke of Team Industries on April 25, 2014:
Inorganic (ethyl silicate) zincs will have more zi more

From Louis Vincent of L.D. "LOU" VINCENT PHD LLC on April 24, 2014:
Inorganic zinc primers have the longest proven cor more

From Derek Righinni of Certified Coating Inspection Ltd on April 24, 2014:
Brian, both ethyl silicate and epoxy zinc-rich coa more

From Brian Chapman of Cadillac Fabrication on April 23, 2014:
I believe, in the simplest terms, that one offers more

From Neelakandan S of Carboline RPMSaudiArabiaLLC on April 19, 2014:
I agree with Dan Durus, who mentioned valuable poi more

From Jim Boyce of Insl-x Products Corp on April 18, 2014:
The direct zinc-to-substrate contact is greater wi more

From Dan Durus of Chimtitan on April 15, 2014:
The drying time for ethyl silicate zinc-rich prime more

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