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February 24 - February 28, 2014

What type of coating system (and surface prep) should be used to protect a steel factory roof that is subject to hydrochloric acid vapors and other industrial pollutants and particulates in a hot, humid environment?

Selected Answers

From virani jagdish of MHI on April 29, 2014:
Affix 2mm-thick, ready-made FRP sheet over the exi more

From Nathan Spencer of EngPro Systems on March 8, 2014:
I would be looking at high-build, highly chemical- more

From Warren Brand of Chicago Corrosion Group on February 28, 2014:
Wow. This is a tough one. I've worked on a probl more

From William Slama of International Paint/Ceilcote Products on February 26, 2014:
Peter van Riet stresses a very important factor th more

From Pieter van Riet of Corrocoat SA on February 26, 2014:
The inside of galvanizing and zinc processing plan more

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